Our Charter


The Society of Anglican Theologians is an association of Anglican ordained and lay academic theologians in submission to the College of Bishops of the Anglican Church in North America. The Society is dedicated to the encouragement of Anglican theological scholarship, and the recruitment and formation of Anglican theologians from the array of theological disciplines (biblical, dogmatic, historical, moral, and practical) and related disciplines (e.g., philosophy). The Society is oriented by four aims: 1) encouragement and exhortation of its members in teaching, publication, progress in holiness, and the advancement of orthodox Anglican theological scholarship; 2) service to and resourcing of bishops and others involved in official inter-Anglican and ecumenical initiatives; 3) development of theological perspectives on the doctrine and discipline of the ACNA, as requested by the College of Bishops and other committees within the ACNA; 4) revival of the “scholar-clergy” vocation and the development of lay catechists in the ACNA, both of whom contribute to the enhancement of parish-based catechesis.[i]

Requirements for Membership

  • Membership in the Society is by invitation only.
  • The Executive Committee, drawn from current membership of the Society, will confirm admission of new candidates to the Society.
  • Members must hold a terminal degree (Ph.D. or equivalent research degree) in a theological or related discipline. ABD candidates will not be accepted as full members.
  • Members must be confirmed or received in the Anglican Church of North America and submit to its doctrine and discipline sincerely and without reservation.
  • Members must agree to live by an Anglican Rule of Life, as minimally set forth in To Be a Christian, qq. 252-255.
  • Members will attend annual gatherings of the Society absent extenuating circumstances.
  • Any member of the Society may recommend a candidate to the Nominating Committee. Members are asked only to recommend candidates whose understanding of their scholarly vocation coheres with the aims stated in the preamble and the requirements stated in this section of the charter.
  • A member of the Executive Committee (the “proposer”) will nominate a new candidate for admission to the Society. A second member of the Executive Committee (the “seconder”) will second the nomination. After the nomination is seconded, any objections to admission may be lodged by any member of the Executive If an objection is lodged, a vote will be taken. Candidates will be admitted by majority vote.


  1. Host an annual or bi-annual Anglican theological conference;
  2. Develop a theological journal for orthodox Anglican scholarship; 
  3. Develop an imprint for the publication of Anglican theological monographs; 
  4. Host gatherings at Provincial Assembly;
  5. Develop partnerships with ACNA seminary consortium institutions, including conferences, journals, job boards, etc.;
  6. Serve and resource bishops and others involved in official inter-Anglican and ecumenical initiatives; 
  7. Develop diocesan/regional initiatives to encourage associations of scholar-clergy and lay catechists;
  8. Partner and share resources with majority world Anglican theological scholars from GAFCON and Global South provinces.

**These initiatives will be carried out by full members of the Society under the supervision of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may amend this list when necessary. 

Executive Committee

  1. Chair: Rev. Dr. Joel Scandrett, Trinity School for Ministry
  2. Vice-Chair: Rev. Dr. Travis Bott, Nashotah House Theological Seminary
  3. Treasurer: Very Rev. Canon Dr. Jonathan Riches, Reformed Episcopal Seminary
  4. Secretary: Rev. Dr. Greg Peters, Biola University & Nashotah House Theological Seminary
  5. Rev. Canon Dr. Bryan Hollon, Malone University
  6. Rev. Dr. Stephen Lake, Church of the Resurrection Wheaton
  7. Rt. Rev. Dr. Grant LeMarquand, Trinity School for Ministry
  8. Ex Officio Episcopal Sponsor: Rt. Rev. Dr. David Hicks, ACNA College of Bishops

The Society of Anglican Theologians (SAT) is an unincorporated non-profit organization serving the ACNA and Church Catholic.

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